Academic Advising Services provide guidance throughout your Illini experience.  This guide explains how advising works throughout each phase of your undergraduate experience. It is important to see your Academic Advisor each semester to remain on track to completing degree requirements, but your Academic Advisor is available for more than just course planning and the nature of your advising experience will change as you move through your time with us.

Academic Advising Overview

Academic Advising in the department of Sociology is designed to guide students as they create their Illini experience.  We employ a coaching model of advising.

Students can expect the following of their advisor: 

  • Helps you figure out how YOU want to succeed.
  • Prepared to help you define success.
  • Points you to resources.
  • Helps you stay accountable to YOUR goals.

In order to do this, the following is expected of students:

  • Make at least one appointment per semester with your Academic Advisor to discuss progress and classes for the following semester (recommended at least a few weeks into the semester and/or a few weeks before registration for the following semester).
  • Prepare for your appointment in advance by reviewing your DARS, making a course plan, and preparing your questions.
  • Reflect on your academic and career goals and progress and be open to honest discussion -- it's ok to say "I have no idea what I want to do!"
  • Be open to new ideas and trying new strategies.
  • Take responsibility for your future - your academic advisor's role is to provide resources, explore options, reframe obstacles as opportunities, and help you make sure you meet requirements to remain on track for graduation.


Incoming Students

Whether you are in incoming freshman or a transfer student, your first advising experience takes place during New Student Registration.  You will receive an orientation to the department and our major, an overview of College of LAS and UIUC student services, and you will meet your academic advisor to develop your class schedule for your first semester.

Student Responsibilities: Prepare for the appointment by completing all necessary placement tests and questionnaires; review any preparation resources provided; make a list of any questions you may have; and prioritize your New Student Registration arriving prepared and focused.

What you can expect from your Academic Advisor: Your advisor will have reviewed your record, your placement scores and questionnaires and will prepare course suggestions.  They will provide an overview of general education requirements, major requirements, and assist in creating a balanced course schedule.  Importantly, your advisor wants to get to know you so they can provide suggestions and resources for you to make the most of your Illini experience.

Your First Semester

Reasons to see your Academic Advisor:

  • Difficulties settling into campus

  • Struggling in a course

  • Learn more about resources on campus

  • Planning spring semester courses

Your Second Semester

Reasons to see your Academic Advisor:

For Freshmen (and Sophomore level Transfer Students):

  • Discussing additional interests or changing interests (many students gain new interests their freshman year and also start to wonder how to put everything together into a plan)
  • Discussing possible additional majors/minors to explore and understanding the Supporting Coursework Requirement for Sociology Majors.
  • Course Planning for Fall Semester (and possibly for Summer)

For Transfer Students (at Junior level or higher):

Sophomore Year

Reasons to see your Academic Advisor:


Junior Year

Reasons to see your Academic Advisor:


Senior Year

Reasons to see your Academic Advisor:

  • Career Coaching
  • Getting involved in Research
  • Graduate and Professional School Application Plans
  • Major Plan of Study Completion
  • Final degree check for Graduation
  • Course Planning
  • How to Apply to Graduate
  • Facing Difficulties

Preparing for your Course
Planning/Registration Planning

  1. Run and review your DARS
  1. For Course Planning Appointments, review Course Explorer and Prepare a Draft Course Schedule or use UIUC Self Service to create a Plan Ahead schedule to share with your advisor.
  2. Review Registration Checklist and Registration Procedures clear any registration holds.

Note your Registration Time Ticket.