Sociology is the study of all things social - human activity, relationships, and structures. In our increasingly diverse world, the study of sociology gives you skills all employers seek: critical and analytical thinking, writing proficiency, cultural competence, aptitude in statistics and research, and self-awareness. Mastering the basics of sociology teaches you to understand situations of people different than you, another advantage in this rapidly globalizing world. See what opportunities are waiting for you in SOC at UIUC. Email:

what can I do with a sociology degree?


Sociology provides a launching pad for a variety of jobs or pathways to additional education: 

  • Pre-Law, Pre-Dental and Pre-Med students can take the prerequisites for graduate programs while studying Sociology to develop the skills to make them better practitioners and are competitive applicants with our unique internship program and department research opportunities
  • Career Paths:
    • Human Services: Counseling, Advocacy, Case Management, Mental Health Services, Programming, Administration
    • Criminal Justice: Federal Agencies, Corrections, Law Enforcement, Rehabilitation, Judiciary, Case Worker
    • Education: Teaching, Graduate Studies, Research, Administration, Higher Education
    • Government: Demography, US Census, Public Administration, Policy Analysis, Program Management, Grant Manager, Development
    • Research: Market Research, Census, Data Analysis, Information Sourcing
    • Business: Consulting, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Management

Day in the Life of SOC Students

What does it look like to study sociology here at UIUC? Follow along some of our SOC students as they take us through a day in their life. We'll see them going to classes, internships, grabbing a coffee, hanging out with friends, exploring Champaign/Urbana, and so much more!

Julia Slusher

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Rachel Rodriguez



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Husna Hussaini


Husna Hussaini

Syd Mark

SOC Day in the Life, Syd