Current UIUC students seeking to declare Sociology as a major, must complete at least one course in sociology (here, off-campus, or via test-based credit) AND have a 2.00 GPA or higher for those courses. Make sure to complete the linked form below, once approved you will receive an email. To learn more about the degree requirements, set an advising appointment or review the information below:

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Prospective students interested in learning more about our major or minors can set up a tour (in-person or online) by emailing

Transfers from Other Institutions can find information about admission requirements in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Handbook. Sociology is listed on page 69. Prospective transfer students can also email or find more information about admission details, arrange on-campus visits and apply to be a Sociology major at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We recommend that transfer students complete a three-hour course that would transfer to the University of Illinois as SOC 100, Introduction of Sociology. 


Overview of Major Requirements

Sociology majors must complete 32 (overall) hours of Sociology of which 5 classes are course requirements listed below. Please utilize this helpful course planning tool: Sociology Major Course Planning Form

Introductory Sociology Course (3-4 hrs) *
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology An overview of the topics of sociology and of various sociological perspectives, and of how scholars in the discipline study social phenomena. This course is a prerequisite for most two-hundred level courses. 4 hrs
Introductory Statistics Course (3-4 hrs) **
SOC 280 Introduction to Social Statistics An introduction to the statistical measures and techniques used in the social sciences. First course in social statistics for students without mathematics beyond the high school level; topics include the role of statistics in social science inquiry, measures of central tendency and dispersion, simple correlation techniques, contingency analysis, and introduction to statistical inference; includes the statistical analysis of social science data using personal computers.  (Prerequisite for SOC 380) 4 hrs
Introduction to Sociological Theory (3 hrs)
SOC 200 Introduction to Sociological Theory This course is an introduction to the foundations of sociological theory. Topics may include the problem of social order and the nature of social conflict; capitalism and bureaucracy; the relationship between social structure and politics; and the evolution of modern societies. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. 3 hrs
Social Science Research Methods (4 hrs)
SOC 380 Social Science Research Methods Introduction to the foundations of social research and to the major types of research methods employed in sociology. Provides exposure to the major tools and terminology of social research, including the use of computers in sociology. Topics include: research design, finding and using sociology literature, measurement, sampling, survey research, field methods, use of available data, quantitative data analysis and presentation, and computer resources for research.  4 hrs
* If using transfer credit for Introductory Sociology, some schools grant only 3 credits for SOC 100.
** Other courses that meet this requirement: STAT 100, PSYCH 235, ECON 202, MATH 161. Also Parkland College's MATH 108 and MATH 160. Note that these courses meet the statistics requirement but do not count toward sociology hours.

Understanding Capstone Options

Capstone Experience (3 hrs) Choose one from the list below:
Each of these courses provides students with a comprehensive experience that helps prepare students for graduation and beyond. 

SOC 400 Internships

Are you interning or plan on interning? To enroll students must get an internship on or off-campus, approved by using the application linked below. Applications must be received before the 1st class day of the term in which they are applying and internships must meet the Guidelines for Internships. This course may be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing; and SOC 100 or SOC 101 or SOC 163 + SOC 200; and 3 additional hours in Sociology. 

Application for Course Approval - SOC 400 Internships
Seats are limited and reserved for primary majors. 

3 hrs
SOC 450 Senior Capstone Seminar Over the course of the semester, students will conceive and execute an original sociological research project, using their knowledge of the sociological literature developed in substantive courses and their skills in data collection and analysis developed in methods courses. In parallel, students will explore professional opportunities in sociology and engage in professional development activities, including exploring opportunities for graduate education and learning skills in job search, and resume, c.v., personal statement and cover letter development.  3 hrs
SOC 495 Senior Honors Seminar

Intensive scrutiny of current literature on one selected topic. Critical reading and discussion followed by writing essays and research proposals. Subject will shift yearly. There may be community work as an aspect of this course; consult the Class Schedule for details. 3 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: For sociology majors only. Student must have at least 3.5 grade-point average in sociology courses and consent of instructor. This course is 1 of 2 options for graduating with departmental distinction.

Wonder what SOC 495 is like?  Junior, Dale Robbennolt, completing a dual degree in Civil Engineering and Sociology, completed a personal research project in SOC 495 Senior Honors Seminar: Faculty Perceptions of Gender in Engineering Education and Group Work. Watch the presentation of his work at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium Spring 2021 here.

Supporting Coursework Requirement

Supporting Coursework 

Every Sociology major must complete 12 hours of supporting coursework. Supporting coursework consists of a set of 4 courses which are logically grouped or themed that reflect and support a student's interests outside of Sociology. The 4 courses do not have to come from the same department. Most SOC majors choose to utilize a certificate, minor, or even double major to fulfill this requirement! Students should begin planning and completing their supporting coursework no later than their sophomore year. Supporting Course Work Power Point

Please watch the following video for more information about Supporting Coursework:

Sociology Major + Criminology, Law
and Society Minor Combination

For students wishing to complete a combined major in Sociology and a minor in Criminology, Law, & Society they may do so in a reduced number of hours (41 credit hours) than typically required for a major and minor. See the planning form below or contact advising at for assistance. 

soc + cls


Please utilize the: CLS + Sociology Major Planning Form

Please view this Power Point to understand the combination: Sociology Major + Criminology, Law & Society Minor Combination.

Declare Criminology, Law, & Society Minor