Student Engagement

SOC 199: Career Development For Sociology Majors

Career development and planning course for sociology majors. Teaches career-development theories; examines the competencies gained from the major; identifies marketable skills; and educates about campus resources for internship/job/career/grad school searches.  Students will leave the course with a better understanding of the career decision-making process; career options for Sociology majors; the internship/job/grad school search process; and prepared to design their Illini experience for success.

Sociology Ambassador Program

Upon successful completion SOC 199: Career Development for Sociology Majors, students who would like to continue their engagement in the department, then register for SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology: Ambassador Program.  This course includes weekly sessions to train in major/minor/departmental policies/resources as well as leadership development programming from university units.  Leadership, communication, teamwork, mentoring and problem-solving skills will also acquired.  Students will serve one “office hour” per week in the advising office reception and will participate in departmental events to build skills and engage.

SOC 390 Independent Study- Section Title: Leadership and Engagement.  SOC 390 is a departmental course number for ALL independent study experiences.  The Section Leadership and Engagement, is a specific independent study section for students who have taken SOC 199: Career Development for Sociology Majors and also at least one semester of SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology: Ambassador Program.  This course is for Student Ambassadors who would like to design their own Ambassador experience or project.  It requires approval from the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, a completed SOC 390 Independent Study contract, and attendance at the weekly SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology:  Ambassador Program meetings, unless otherwise approved.


Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta is the National Honor Society in Sociology, founded in 1920 for the purpose of forming a society in which students might become acquainted with each other's research. The Society has now evolved to incorporate broader goals of promoting an interest in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition. To join, you must be a sociology major with junior standing, and have a GPA of 3.3 overall and 3.0 in the major. You must also have completed twelve hours of sociology. There is a membership fee to be paid when applying. You will receive the journal Sociological Inquiry as a member.

To join, return your completed application to 3070 Lincoln Hall.

Student Interns

Ava Schumock
New Student Orientation & HR Intern- Ava Schumock
Michael Manson
Social Media & Web Design Intern- Michael Manson

Sociology Club... Coming soon!!

First informational meeting will be Wednesday, September 1st immediately following the Sociology Department Welcome Back event at 4pm in Lincoln Hall, Room 1002. We hope to see you there!

Sociology Club