Business Meals

Alcoholic Beverages

  • The purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from reimbursement unless prior approval has been given by the department head.
  • Always request that alcoholic beverages be placed on a separate receipt from food purchases.


  • For groups of 20 or less, you must provide a list containing the following information for each attendee; First Name, Last Name, Company, and Title or Affiliation.

Business Purpose

  • You must provide an explanation of the business purpose for the meal or refreshments; Dinner for Transnational seminar speaker, Refreshments for job fair, Lunch for faculty meeting, etc. Please be as specific as possible.


  • Receipts turned in for reimbursement must contain the following:
    • A detailed list of what was ordered by each attendee.
    • The name of the restaurant or caterer.
    • The date of the meal, or the date food was delivered.
    • The location, city and state, of the restaurant or caterer.
    • English translation, if the receipt is not written in English.
  • Credit Card Receipts
    • If the meal or refreshments are paid for with a credit card, whether it be your personal credit card or a University Travel Card, and a separate credit card receipt is provided, please turn in the credit card receipt with the detailed receipt. (Some restaurants are now including the credit card information on the detailed receipt.)

Sales Tax

  • Sales tax will not be reimbursed. The sociology office staff can provide you with a copy of the U of I tax exemption letter, if you need it.