Fellowships and Grants


TA and RA appointments and some fellowships include tuition and service-fee waivers. Students receiving such waivers through the spring semester are exempt from tuition and service fees through the summer session unless they hold summer appointments of less than 25 percent or more than 67 percent time.

Each year in a campuswide competition the Graduate College awards some tuition and fee waivers besides those awarded in connection with fellowships and assistantships. These waivers provide exemption from tuition and service fees (but not from the insurance, health-center, computer and general fees) for the academic year and immediately preceding or following summer session. Students holding waivers must be in residence and must register for at least three units each semester during the academic year and 1.5 units in the summer. They may accept part-time hourly or incidental employment for up to twenty hours a week, inside or outside the University. Tuition and fee waivers are not taxed.

Veterans who meet certain residence requirements may be exempt from tuition under the state statute concerning military scholarships. Obtain further information from the Director of Student Financial Aid, on the 4th Floor of the Student Services Building, 610 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820.