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 Cynthia Buckley

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3108 Lincoln Hall
702 S Wright Street
Urbana IL 61801
M/C 454

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  • Fall 2015 2-5 pm Tuesdays
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CYNTHIA BUCKLEY is Professor of Sociology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Prior to her arrival at Illinois, Professor Buckley was a faculty member of both the Department of Sociology and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and also served as a Program Director at the Social Science Research Council (2010-2012).  Buckley received a BA in Economics and an M.A. in Russian Studies before completing her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan.

Research Interests

  • Social Demography
  • Methodology
  • Global Health
  • International Migration
  • Eurasia
  • Reproductive Health

Research Description

My current research centers on issues of population, social equity, and development in Eurasia.  It includes three specific lines of analysis:  1. In collaboration with Profesor Erik Herron (West Virginia University) and Ralph Clem (Florida State University), I am engaged in assessing threats to geopolitical stability along Russia's periphery through the  Central Eurasian State Capacity Initiative (CESCI), focusing upon variations in national and regional patterns of state provision in the spheres of healthcare, education, and free and open elections, emphasizing the importance of resident's satisfaction and possibilities for Russian intervention via mass media.  2. My research on reproductive and sexual health in Eurasia explores changing fertility patterns and gender. 3. I am working on a book examining the political demography of Central Asia, examining the relationship between population change and socio-political stability. 


  • Ph.D. University of Michigan


  • “People, Power, and Conflict in the Eurasian Migration System,” National Science Foundation (2009- 2013) [$968,000]
  • “Health and Social Stability in Afghanistan,” American Institute for Afghanistan Studies (2009) [$7,500] (John Richards Fellowship Award)
  • “Changing Social Norms and Migration in Georgia,” National Science Foundation Dissertation Development Award, (Erin Hofmann 2009) [$7,500]
  • “Temporary Labor Migration and Family Well-being in the Southern Caucasus,” ACTR/ACCELS Special Initiatives Policy Grant (2006-08) [$38,000]
  • “Myth, Meaning and Measurement: HIV/AIDS in the southern Caucasus,” National Council for East European and Eurasian Research (2007-2008) [$25,000]

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hofmann, Erin, and Cynthia Buckley Cultural responses to changing gender patterns of migration in Georgia International Migration 50 5 2012, p. 77-94.
Buckley, Cynthia, and Erin Hofmann Remittances and Family Economic Stability in Tajikistan Journal of Development Studies 48 8 2012, p. 1121-1138.
Buckley, Cynthia, Erin Hofmann, and Yuka Minagawa Does Nativity Matter? Correlates of Immigrant Health by Generation in the Russian Federation Demographic Research 24 32 2011, p. 801-832.
Buckley, Cynthia Considering the Caucasus Wilson Quarterly 33 3 2009, p. 10.
Barrett, Jennifer, and Cynthia Buckley Gender and Perceived Control in the Russian Federation Europe-Asia Studies 61 1 2009, p. 29-49.
Buckley, Cynthia, Jennifer Barrett, and Kristen Adkins Reproductive Health Information for Young Women in Kazakhstan: Channels, Patterns of Access and Links to Knowledge Journal of Health Communication 13 7 2008, p. 681-697.
Doliashvili, Khatuna, and Cynthia Buckley Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Post- Socialist Georgia: Does Migration Matter International Family Planning Perspectives 34 1 2008, p. 21-39.
Cultural responses to changing gender patterns of migration in Georgia International Migration Review 50 5 2011.

Book Contributions

Buckley, Cynthia While the Men are Away: HIV and Labor Migration in the southern Caucasus The Fourth Wave: HIV/AIDS and the Assault on Women edited by Jennifer Klot, compiled by V.K. Kim. While the Men are Away: HIV and Labor Migration in the southern Caucasus Edited by Jennifer Klot, Compiled by V.K. Kim, Paris UNESCO 2010.


Migration, Homeland, and Belonging in Eurasia edited by Cynthia Buckley, edited by Blair Ruble, edited by Erin Hofmann. Edited by Cynthia Buckley, Edited by Blair Ruble, Edited by Erin Hofmann, Baltimore MD Johns Hopkins University Press 2008.


Buckley, Cynthia Myths, Meanings and Measurement: Estimating HIV/AIDS in the southern Caucasus National Council for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Working Papers Seattle NCEEER 2008.