Minors Offered

Minor in Sociology 

The study of Sociology allows you to be analytic and reflective about social structure and culture. The Sociology minor can help you in almost any career including business, education, public administration, social work, as well as preparation for graduate or professional studies. The minor is designed to teach students the basic theoretical and methodological approaches in Sociology and explore the wide range of topics, social groups, and social interactions studied by Sociologists.  From social inequalities and social problems to examining the underlying patterns of social relations in formal organizations, in legal institutions and in the economic and political arena to understanding the interplay among science, technology and society, the diversity of courses allows Sociology minors to explore courses relevant to their interests. If you are not a Sociology major, you may complete a minor in Sociology.  

Requirements For a Minor in Sociology


Minor in Criminology, Law and Society

The Criminology, Law, and Society Minor provides a foundation for students seeking to supplement their major area of study, to develop knowledge and skills needed for criminological, law, and justice related occupations, or to lay foundation for law school or graduate study in sociology, criminology, or justice fields.  Students take a range of courses that provide theoretical and practical knowledge while exposing students to current sociological, legal, and justice issues. The CLS minor may be completed by all majors, including Sociology majors. Requirements for the CLS minor for Sociology students differ from those for non-majors. 

Requirements For a Minor in Criminology, Law, and Society

SOC Major + CLS Minor Combination

For students wishing to complete a major in Sociology and a minor in Criminology, Law, & Society they may do so in a reduced number of hours than typically required for a major and minor. See the Sociology Major + Criminology, Law, & Society Minor Worksheet for course breakdown.

Declaring a Minor 

Minors may be declared at any time during the semester. 

LAS Students

There is a new online minor declaration option that is available for LAS students. New Minor Declaration online form: https://go.illinois.edu/MinorDeclaration

Non-LAS Students

  1.  Complete the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor form (fillable PDF). 
  2.  Send the completed PDF to soc-advising@illinois.edu.
  3. Sociology Advising will return the signed form to you. Please contact your advisor or college office to find out how to submit the form for processing.