Minors Offered

Minor in Sociology and Minor in Criminology, Law, and Society

If you are not a Sociology major, you may complete a minor in Sociology.  We also offer a minor in Criminology, Law, and Society which is available to all majors. Requirements for the minor for Sociology students differ from those for non-majors; please see the Academic Advisor in Sociology for details. The minor in Sociology is designed to teach students basic theoretical and methodological approaches in sociology.

The Criminology, Law, and Society Minor provides a foundation for students seeking to supplement their major area of study, to develop knowledge and skills needed for criminological, law, and justice related occupations, or to lay foundation for law school or graduate study in sociology, criminology, or justice fields.  Students take a range of courses that provide theoretical and practical knowledge while exposing students to current sociological, legal, and justice issues.

In order to declare a minor in Sociology or Criminology, Law, and Society, you must first register in the Sociology Advising Office, 3070 Lincoln Hall and then in your college office. This should be done no later than the beginning of your senior year.

When declaring your intent to graduate, students must notify LAS about their intent to graduate with a Minor in Sociology or Criminology, Law, and Society.

Requirements For a Minor in Sociology

Requirements For a Minor in Criminology, Law, and Society

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