Minor in Sociology

Course Requirements (minimum 18 hrs of “SOC” credit)

Introductory Sociology Course (3-4 hrs) *

SOC 100

Introduction to Sociology

An overview of the topics of sociology and of various sociological perspectives, and of how scholars in the discipline study social phenomena. This course is a prerequisite for most two-hundred level courses.

4 hrs

Introductory Statistics Course (3-4 hrs) **

SOC 280

Introduction to Social Statistics

An introduction to the statistical measures and techniques used in the social sciences. This course is a prerequisite for Sociology 380.

4 hrs

Introduction to Sociological Theory (3 hrs)

SOC 200

Introduction to Sociological Theory

This course is an introduction to the foundations of sociological theory. Topics may include the problem of social order and the nature of social conflict; capitalism and bureaucracy; the relationship between social structure and politics; and the evolution of modern societies. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

3 hrs

Advanced Level Sociology Courses (6 hrs)

Select two 300- or 400- level Sociology courses (Insert link to Course catalog)

6-9 Elective Sociology Hours

Select two – three 100-, 200-, 300- or 400- level Sociology courses to complete the 18 credit hour minimum requirement. (Refer to Course Catalog)


* If using transfer credit for Introductory Sociology, some schools grant only 3 credits for SOC 100.
** Other courses that meet this requirement: STAT 100, PSYCH 235, ECON 202, MATH 161. Also Parkland College's MATH 108 and MATH 160. Note that these courses meet the statistics requirement but do not count toward sociology hours.