Sociology majors are well-prepared to pursue graduate and professional schools.

Graduate School Preparation

UIUC Career Center Considering Graduate School

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Guide for Potential Grad Students

UIUC Career Center Applying to Graduate School Guide


Investigating and applying for graduate school is a time consuming process, so start early. Some of the major steps that need to be taken include:

  • Deciding on a course of study
  • Selecting prospective graduate schools and obtaining application packets
  • Taking appropriate exams
  • Getting letters of recommendation, writing a statement of purpose
  • Assembling all other materials for application.

Watch our Spring 2021 UIUC Department of Sociology Preparing for Graduate School with presentation.

There are many resources to help you do these things. The following are some web sites that may help. Career Services also has a lot of information. Finally, stop by the advising office for more direction.

Information and Ranking on Graduate Schools

Deciding and Applying

Admissions Essays



Professional Preparation

Students majoring in Sociology pursue a variety of professional school options following their undergraduate degrees.


The LAS College office (1st floor Computing Applications Building) has a Pre-Law Advising Service. You can also get a pre-law designation through the LAS College Office, you will be put on a mailing list for pre-law information.