UIUC Sociology provides you with a variety of important skills which are vital in many careers, including writing, research, and analysis skills. Some areas in which sociology majors get jobs business and industry, the justice system, community and social services, government, education and research.

Sociology students who want to learn more about the opportunities of the program are encouraged to take SOC 199: Career Development for Sociology Majors. This career development course allows students to explore sociology as a discipline and all the potential careers they can access.


What skills will I gain with a degree in Sociology

Our program excels at giving students the tools they need to understand social processes and issues at local, national, and global levels. As a Sociology major you will develop essential transferable skills making you indispensable to employers:

Technical and Communication Skills

As a Sociology major you will use statistical analysis programs and develop competency in essential software programs. Sociology courses emphasize both presentations and written communication. In class, you will be writing essays, participating in discussions, and giving oral presentations.

Research Skills

In many of your Sociology courses, you will hone your research skills.  You will develop statistical literacy, learn how to develop a research problem, and execute original research.

Critical Thinking Skills

Ability to communicate/work with people from different cultural backgrounds

Application of knowledge in real world settings

Ability to analyze and interpret data


Whether you take charge of a group research project in your methods class, or take a leadership role in Sociology Club or Alpha Kappa Delta International Honors Society, as a Sociology major you will have many opportunities to cultivate your leadership abilities.


Master the art of teamwork and learn from your peers while you work on the numerous group projects involved in Sociology courses.

Diversity Awareness and Global Competency

Spend time analyzing historical and contemporary forces shaping the experiences different of social groups and how they interact.  As a Sociology student, you will learn about global forces such as globalization, immigration and diverse cultures and societies.


What careers can I pursue with a degree in Sociology?

The possibilities are endless and sociology majors are well-prepared to tackle the challenges in our world today and in the future.  As new career fields rapidly develop, sociology majors possess the critical thinking, communication, creative and interpersonal skills that employers seek.  Some fields to consider include:



International Relations



Social Services






Human Resources

Nonprofit Management

Career search strategies

Get an Internship and/or Volunteer. With an internship you can not only get 3 hours of credit (Sociology 400), but you will also get valuable experience to help you decide what you would like to do. It is also a must for your resume.

Network: Talk to People You Know. Become a career researcher by asking people you know (and/or people your parents or friends know) about their job. What do they like best? What do they like least? How do they spend their days? Most people are happy to talk too you about their career!

Implement Effective Job Search Strategies. Landing a job offer requires planning, preparation, and persistence.  Be prepared to apply to many positions, know that even if you are a qualified candidate, you may not get the offer - prepare for rejection and develop your support network of who you lean on when you get discouraged and who will cheer you on and keep your confidence high.  

On-demand workshops and webinars