Fall 2020 Instruction Updates

Continually Updated with the Latest Information

Updated as of 6/24/2020 12pm CDT

Here is a personal video from Dawn McNulty, the department advisor, going over all the new information regarding Fall 2020 course schedule changes. See below for the information in text format.

"Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in here and discuss some of the recent communication you received from the University today. The University is working diligently to meet all student learning needs for the upcoming semester.  There will be both in-person and online learning options, so if you cannot get to campus this fall, you will be able to take a full course schedule remotely.  We realize students will be in different times zones and that is being considered. I know this is a frustrating situation for you.  I am a planner, this is hard on my too.  But, we need to be patient.

Here’s what you can do NOW:

  1. Make sure you have registered for all of your classes by July 10th.  This is CRITICAL so that course schedulers know how many students are enrolled in each course and they find suitable classrooms to meet social-distancing requirements.
  2. Check your time ticket July 14th on UIUC Self Service to find out the date and time in August that you can make any necessary schedule changes.
  3. The majority of schedule modifications will be done by July 31stbut you should continue to check your schedule throughout August for any other changes.
  4. Watch for an email from me late July regarding appointment times starting August 3rd.  I will not be taking appointments during July.
  5. Follow us on Instagram: @socatillinois for regular updates."


Updated as of 6/23/2020 1pm CDT.

The University of Illinois has announced that in-person instruction of classes will resume in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. New changes are being decided on constantly, and we will work to ensure students are receiving every update they need. Please continue to check back to this news story for the latest information from the University and the Sociology Department. The Massmails linked below provide more details on the current plan: to bring students back to campus residential spaces and teaching spaces while following social distancing and safety protocols. The class schedule for Fall 2020 is currently being amended, and the changes will be live as of August 3rd, 2020 (08/03/2020). 

The University has created an extremely helpful FAQ page where students and their families can go to get information about all the changes happening on campus and to course schedules now and in the coming semester. We encourage everyone take some time to read through the questions and answers regarding residential arrangements, tuition and fees, grading procedures, and more. 

Massmail 6/23 - Schedule Change Details

Massmail 6/18 - Modified On-Campus Instruction

Massmail 6/18 - Important Information for Students