Student Ambassadors

Undergraduate Sociology majors who want to become Sociology Ambassadors first take a class called Leadership and Engagement Thru Sociology. This course is a professional and personal development course, designed to explore Sociology as a discipline and, specifically, the skills gained from the major applicable to practical work pursuits in a variety of career fields and graduate studies. Students will engage in a mutually beneficial experience – clarifying the contemporary value of studying Sociology and its marketability as a major and learning how to articulate that value to prospective Sociology students. Students will learn how to articulate their “story” of their collective Illini experience to employers/graduate schools.
After successful completion of Leadership and Engagement Thru Sociology, students have the opportunity to become Sociology Ambassadors who serve the department in a variety of capacities. Many Ambassadors become Peer Advisors, who meet and communicate with current and prospective Sociology students to discuss courses, their experience in Sociology, their academic path, and more. The Ambassadors have their own email address,, that we encourage all to use to reach them!

Below, find the links to each class of Student Ambassadors we've had since the relaunch of the program in the Spring semester of 2020.