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Dr. Tim Liao

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Contact Information

3069 Lincoln Hall, 702 S. Wright St., Urbana, IL 61801, USA

Professor Emeritus


PhD: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Tim Liao is Professor of Sociology, Statistics, and East Asian Languages & Cultures. As a founding member, he serves on the executive committee of the Sequence Analysis Association. He received the American Sociological Association Methodology's Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award in 2021. He was a 2017-2018 Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Fellow. He is an Associate Editor of Advances in Life Course Research and a Deputy Editor of Demography and serves on the editorial board of the American Sociological Review and The Sociological Quarterly. He is a former Deputy Editor of The Sociological Quarterly, (1992-2000), former Editor of Sage’s Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series (2004-2009), and former Editor of Sociological Methodology (2009-2015). He served on the council of the ASA Methodology Section (1998-2001) and the council of the North America Chinese Sociological Association (2000-2002). He also served on the editorial board of Sociological Methods & Research and on the editorial board of Sociological Methodology. He was the Chair of the Methodology Section of the American Sociology Association from 2009 to 2011.

Research Interests

Inequality & Mobility, the Life Course, Methodology, Population, Collective Memory

Research Description

Representative Research Papers

T.F. Liao. 2022. “A Study of Cumulative COVID-19 Mortality Trends Associated with Ethnic-Racial Composition, Income Inequality, and Party Inclination among US Counties.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (2022) 15803.   

T.F. Liao. 2022. “Fertility of Female Filipino and Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong.” International Migration Review available online since November 7, 2022.

I. Mooi-Reci, T.F. Liao, and M. Curry 2022. “Linked Labor Force Trajectories: Empirical Evidence from Dual-Parent Families in the United States and Australia.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 82 (2022) 100734.

T.F. Liao, D. Bolano, C. Brzinsky-Fay, B. Cornwell, A.E. Fasang, S. Helske, R. Piccarreta, M. Raab, G. Ritschard, E. Struffolino, and M. Studer. 2022. “Sequence Analysis: Its Past, Present, and Future.” Social Science Research 107 (2022) 102772.

T.F. Liao 2022. “Individual Components of Three Inequality Measures for Analyzing Shapes of Inequality.” Sociological Methods & Research 51(3): 1325-1356. Available online since September 2019.

T.F. Liao. 2022. “Understanding Anti-COVID-19 Vaccination Protest Slogans in the US.” Frontiers in Communication | Health Communication 30 June 2022,

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Wang and T.F. Liao. 2019. “State Policy and Contraceptive Choices: Evidence from China 1979-2012.”  Asian Population Studies 15(1): 47-65.(Equal authorship)

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T.F. Liao. 2016. “Evaluating Distributional Differences in Income Inequality” Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 2: 1-14 (an American Sociological Association journal).

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Books & Edited Volumes

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Computer Programs & Creative and Didactic Work

Computer Programs & Creative and Didactic Work

An R program, seqpolyads, for assessing the strength of linked life coures (2021)

An R program, seqCompare, for computing BIC and LRT statistics for comparing sequences (2020)

An R package, ProbMarg, for computing logit and probit predicted probabilities and marginal effects (2020)

An R package, iIneq, for computing individual decompositions of the Gini and the Theil indices (2020)

A Stata ado, igini1, for computing individual components of the Gini index (2019)

A Stata ado, theildeco, for refined Theil decomposition (2016)

An R program, seqplot.rf, for visualizing sequence data with representative index plots (2014)

2000 ASA Didactic Seminar on Multilevel Modeling.

Rate Decomposition Method.

An S program, multigroup.glib, for Comparison in Generalized Linear Models.

T.F. Liao. 2010. Cover Art Design for Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past: Essays in Collective Memory, edited by Mikyoung Kim and Barry Schwartz. Palgrave Mcmillan.


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Research Professor, Sociology

Recent Publications

Liao, T. F. (2023). Fertility of Female Filipino and Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong. International Migration Review, 57(3), 1049-1068.

Ritschard, G., Liao, T. F., & Struffolino, E. (2023). Strategies for Multidomain Sequence Analysis in Social Research. Sociological Methodology, 53(2), 288-322.

Wang, X., He, J., Liao, T. F., & Gu, G. (2023). Does Air Pollution Influence the Settlement Intention of the Floating Population in China? Individual Heterogeneity and City Characteristics. Sustainability, 15(4), Article 2995.

Liao, T. F. (2022). A Study of Cumulative COVID-19 Mortality Trends Associated with Ethnic-Racial Composition, Income Inequality, and Party Inclination among US Counties. International journal of environmental research and public health, 19(23), Article 15803.

Liao, T. F. (2022). Individual Components of Three Inequality Measures for Analyzing Shapes of Inequality. Sociological Methods and Research, 51(3), 1325-1356.

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