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Stefan Vogler

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Highlighted Publications

Vogler, S. (2021). Sorting Sexualities: Expertise and the Politics of Legal Classification. University of Chicago Press.

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Recent Publications

Grasso, J. C., Jenness, V., & Vogler, S. (2023). Understanding the context for police avoidance: the impact of sexual identity, police legitimacy and legal cynicism on willingness to report hate crime. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 35(2), 269-289.

Petsko, C. D., & Vogler, S. (Accepted/In press). Is Men’s Heterosexuality Perceived as More Precarious Than Women’s? An Intersectional, Race-by-Gender Analysis. Personality and social psychology bulletin, 50(5), 766-779.

Vogler, S., & Rosales, R. (2023). Classification and Coercion: The Gendered Punishment of Transgender Women in Immigration Detention. Social Problems, 70(3), 698-716.

Vogler, S., Kappel, R., & Mumford, E. (2023). Experiences of Technology-Facilitated Abuse Among Sexual and Gender Minorities. Journal of interpersonal violence, 38(19-20), 11290-11313.

Akbari, R., & Vogler, S. (2021). Intersectional Invisibility: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Erasure of Sexual Minority Women in US Asylum Law. Law and Social Inquiry, 46(4), 1062-1091.

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