Major In Sociology


All students seeking to transfer to any LAS major, including Sociology, must to have completed at least one course in said major (here, off-campus, or via test-based credit).  Students who have completed an actual course or courses off-campus or here must also have an institutional and/or combined major GPA of 2.00 or higher. 

Thus, in order to declare Sociology as a major, you must have taken at least one sociology course here at UIUC, at another institution, or have received test-based credit recognized by UIUC AND your GPA for those courses must be a 2.00 or higher.

Students must also fulfill the College of LAS requirements for general education categories, language, residency, advanced hours, and a minimum of 120 hours to qualify for graduation.  If you are considering declaring a major in Sociology please read over all the information in this section PRIOR to scheduling an appointment with a Sociology Advisor.


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