Majoring In Sociology


Click the link below for the Sociology Undergraduate major requirements.

Students must also fulfill the College of LAS requirements for general education categories, language, residency, advanced hours, and a minimum of 120 hours to qualify for graduation.  If you are considering declaring a major in Sociology please read over all the information in this section PRIOR to scheduling an appointment with a Sociology Advisor.

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Follow this link for information on Departmental Distinction and College honors requirements.  The process for Departmental Distinction eligibility review begins when the College of LAS sends the Department a list of students whose overall GPA is greater than 3.25 which occurs in the latter part of the Fall and Spring semesters.


The Sociology Department gives out four Undergraduate Awards.


The two most known and active organizations in the UIUC Sociology Department are the Undergraduate Sociology Association (USA) and Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD). 


There are many career opportunities in Sociology.  Find more introductory information on Internships, Independent Study, and Study Abroad. 


Careers in Sociology, Grad School information, and contact links for the Illinois Career Center which houses a significant amount of information and support for students seeking career counseling or grad school information, applications, and grad school exam procedures and schedules.