Resources for Navigating the Academic Year

We have compiled a list of resources from the department, university, and community to help students in this unique academic year. The Sociology Department will continue to work to provide all necessary resources for student success. We measure student success through many categories, including mental and physical health, academic support, community building, and much more.

Contents of this page:

  • Spring Semester Schedule

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Physical Health Resources

  • Resources from the University

  • Community Support

  • Fall 2020 Welcome Back Event

Spring 2021

There is no spring break in Spring 2021, which is likely to be a hardship for some students. Spring break is being replaced by three days off: February 17, March 24, and April 13 (follow the link to find the Academic Calendar). Campus intends for these “wellness breaks” to be non-instructional days without mandatory course obligations. Click here to find a comprehensive list of resources for students in Spring 2021.

Mental Health Resources
  • LAS has announced that they have a new embedded clinical counselor, Andy Novinska, and his office is in our very own 2002 Lincoln Hall. He is a Counseling Center employee offering time-limited counseling, connection to group counseling, referrals to community therapists, as well as outreach and prevention services. Students can schedule appointments directly with Andy via email ( or by phone at (217) 333-3704.
  • For students who find that they are struggling for any reason or experience an acute moment of crisis, the university has two resources: 

Physical Health

McKinley Health Center has resource webpages for students on a range of topics for those who find that they are in need of medical care.


University Resources

University Tech Support for online learning

Changing admissions requirements for graduate students and those interested in pursuing graduate degrees. 

The Office of Student Affairs keeps an updated comprehensive COVID-19 resources and support page:

The university’s Women’s Resource Center and the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations are important campus resources. Please see their websites for resources, policies, and COVID-19 updates.

    •  The Women's Resources Center (WRC) is the designated campus confidential advising resource for issues of sexual assault/rape, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking and abuse within a relationship (sometimes called dating or domestic violence). That means when we talk with those who have experienced harm, we make sure they get what they need and on their terms. Students, faculty, and staff survivors of all gender identities are welcome and able to receive advocacy and support services at the WRC, as are their support person(s). 

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OFSA) is an important office to be aware of because they have special policies applicable to situations created by the COVID-19 crisis. 

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office also keeps an updated COVID-19 resources page with information particularly relevant to international students. 

Advising Support Contact Information

Advising and Student Forms Information

Community Support

The various Champaign-Urbana area hospitals have community resource pages for those who need help.  Please visit their sites to learn more about their community health services and initiatives:

Champaign County’s Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) organizes many community resources, including Head Start, shelters and domestic violence refuges, childcare and after-school programs, immigration and refugee services, pregnancy and parenting services, mental health and substance abuse resources, various health resources, legal and economic resources, crisis intervention services, and many others.  For the complete list, visit their Community Partners website.  CCRPC also has a COVID-19 general resource guide and a resource guide specifically tailored for immigrants.

The University YMCA also has several services available. One of particular relevance to graduate students is the YMCA scholarships website, which also involves subsidies for unpaid internships for both graduate and undergraduate students.

The City of Urbana and Champaign County also have useful community support services and resource guides.

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (CUPHD) also has a useful list of community resources, including services for maternal and child health, environmental health, teen and adult services, wellness and health promotion, dental health, and others.  CUPHD also has a guide with updates about the local rules and regulations regarding COVID-19.

The University of Illinois’ School of Social Work and Parkland College has compiled comprehensive lists of community services.


Fall 2020

Sociology Welcome Back Event: