Heather M Gifford

 Heather Gifford

Contact Information

3059 Lincoln Hall
702 S Wright Street
MC 454
Urbana, IL 61801


Heather obtained her B.A. in Multi-Ethnic Studies from Boise State in 2010 where she became a participant in the McNair Scholarship Program that prepared her for graduate studies. She completed her M.A. at the University of Illinois Chicago in Sociology studying differential migrant experiences between Filipino labor migrants and Filipino family-petitioned immigrants and the consequences of class distinctions on ethnic cohesion within the Filipino-American community resulting from these differences. She then spent three years teaching Sociology at the College of Western Idaho and Boise State University until she came to the University of Urbana Champaign in 2015 to complete the PhD program with a focus on women's issues in Filipina transnational labor migration. 

Research Interests

  • Global Inequalities
  • Women & Gender Studies
  • Transnational Labor Migration