Mr Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer

Mr Mohammad Bin Khidzer

Contact Information

3059 Lincoln Hall
702 S. Wright Street
MC 454
Urbana, IL 61801
Graduate Student
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I come from the little island nation of Singapore, where I have conducted research on race, religion, public policy and migration while in graduate school and in my stint at the Institute of Policy Studies, a think tank in the National University of Singapore. My modus operandi for research is qualitative (ethnography) and although my area of research is based primarily in Singapore, I have conducted fieldwork in Malaysia too.  

Research Interests

  • Racial Inequality, Discrimination, Exclusion, Microaggression
  • Community Studies
  • Network and Social Capital Access
  • Social Mobility and Inequality
  • Migration
  • Public Policy

Research Description

I am currently examining town and gown relations, specifically how the Neoliberal configuration of public higher education institutions affects its posture towards issues such as racial inequality and discrimination in its surrounding communities.

This research forms a smaller section of a larger long term research project which will attempt to investigate the impact of community organizations on social mobility across America.   

I am also involved in a project at the National University of Singapore, where we examine the impact of contemporary global flows of Islamic religious ideologies and immigration on the Muslim population in Singapore. 


  • Bachelor of Social Science with Hons (1st Class) - National University of Singapore
  • Master of Social Science (Sociology) - National University of Singapore

Selected Publications

Book Contributions

bin Khidzer, Mr Mohammad Khamsya 'Balik Kampung': The Practice of Transborder Retirement Migration in Johor, Malaysia International Migration in Southeast Asia: Continuities and Discontinuities edited by Kwen Fee Lian, edited by Mizanur Rahman, edited by Yabit Alas. 'Balik Kampung': The Practice of Transborder Retirement Migration in Johor, Malaysia Edited by Kwen Fee Lian, Edited by Mizanur Rahman, Edited by Yabit Alas, Singapore Springer 2016.
Mathews, Dr Mathew, and Mr Mohammad Khamsya bin Khidzer Preserving Racial and Religious Harmony in Singapore 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore Preserving Racial and Religious Harmony in Singapore Singapore World Scientific - Imperial College Press 2015.

Special Issues of a Journal

Mathews, Dr Mathew, Mr Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer, and Ms Kay Key Teo Religiosity and the Management of Religious Harmony: Responses from the IPS Survey on Race, Religion and Language Institute of Policy Studies Working Papers Series IPS Working Papers No.21 21 2014.