Sociology Ambassador Program

Ambassadors Group Photo
Our Student Ambassadors in Lincoln Hall
Program Description
  • Interested students initially take SOC 199 Career Development for Sociology Majors.
  • Students who would like to continue their engagement in the department, then register for SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology: Ambassador ProgramThis course includes weekly sessions to train in major/minor/departmental policies/resources as well as leadership development programming from university units.  Leadership, communication, teamwork, mentoring and problem-solving skills will also acquired.  Students will serve one “office hour” per week in the advising office reception and will participate in departmental events to build skills and engage.
  • SOC 390 Independent Study- Section Title: Leadership and Engagement.  SOC 390 is a departmental course number for ALL independent study experiences.  The Section Leadership and Engagement, is a specific independent study section for students who have taken SOC 199: Career Development for Sociology Majors and also at least one semester of SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology: Ambassador Program.  This course is for Student Ambassadors who would like to design their own Ambassador experience or project.  It requires approval from the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, a completed SOC 390 Independent Study contract, and attendance at the weekly SOC 199: Leadership and Engagement Through Sociology:  Ambassador Program meetings, unless otherwise approved.

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Program Benefits

Our Student Ambassadors develop leadership skills including communication, leading groups, teamwork, and organization. Students gain individual skills through experiences serving as Ambassadors for the Sociology Department. These may include, but are not limited to, meeting and communicating with prospective students, serving as representatives of the Sociology Department at campus events, performing outreach to admitted incoming freshmen and transfer students, visiting classes to promote the major and the minors, and participating in assessment of departmental advising programs. Students also develop a strong resume for this experience.


Ambassador Testimonies

Still not convinced? Here are some quotes from blog posts written by our Spring 2020 Ambassadors about what their time in the course has meant to them:

By Norma Grabauskaite (Freshman): "This program was most definitely out of my comfort zone, but I don’t regret my decision one bit. My main motivation to join was the fact that there are so many skills to be gained from this program. From presentations, to career projects, to resume building, the program sounded wonderful. What sold me was the opportunity to gain leadership experience in a way that I had not been able to before, and I could get credit while doing it! ...Overall, I felt this program was an opportunity I would not be offered anywhere else, and I'm really glad I joined!" 


From Kristen Mai (Junior): "Without a doubt, I learned a lot from this class. In my opinion, this class not only improves our personal skills like communication skills, but also helps us outline our future career plans...n addition, I think the program also helps us improve our independent thinking ability...The Ambassadors program not only helps me grow personally, but also helps me build a plan for my future career." 


By Kayla Salgado (Freshman): "The Ambassadors program has provided me a place where I feel supported in exploring possible career paths because of the resources we’re given...Being a part of this program is one of the best decisions I’ve made, I now feel like I have the support of several people who are in the same position. I now have a clearer vision of what I want to do throughout my time at UIUC, and I hope to stay part of this program so I can help those who come after me."