Planning Your Future


The UIUC Sociology major is not a vocational program; thus it doesn't prepare you for a specific job. However, the major provides you with a variety of important skills which are vital in many careers, including writing, research, and analysis skills. Some areas in which sociology majors get jobs business and industry, the justice system, community and social services, government, education and research.

Life + Career Design Lab

The LAS Life + Career Design Lab is a one-stop shop where students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences can explore their interests and questions on majors, career preparation, study abroad, undergraduate research and other life-designing and life-shaping activities.

The Career Center

The Career Center offers career development programs and resources including career/employment counseling, UIUC Epics (a computer-based career guidance program), career planning groups, and job search services and programs such as on-campus interviewing and resume workshops. The Career Services Network also has materials such as employment opportunity listings, the I-Link careers and internships database, listings, and government employment announcements to help you job-hunt. The Career Services Web site is 



Get an Internship and/or Volunteer. With an internship you can not only get 3 hours of credit (Sociology 400), but you will also get valuable experience to help you decide what you would like to do. It is also a must for your resume.

Talk to People You Know. Become a career researcher by asking people you know (and/or people your parents or friends know) about their job. What do they like best? What do they like least? How do they spend their days? Most people are happy to talk too you about their career!

Browse the Undergrad Library Career Cluster. There are some great books in this cluster - however, you can't check them out. So plan a few hours some day to go browse. Consider ordering a book you like from the bookstore.

Take Career Exploration Courses: Get credit for finding your career!

LAS 199: Design Your Illini Experience: This course guides freshmen and sophomores to maximize their career development opportunities through active learning, reflection, and creative thinking on multiple pathways through the Illinois experience. Topics include understanding your purpose in college, finding your way through the many opportunities offered, what to do when you ‘get stuck,’ and how to tell your college and career-prep story. By the end of this course, students will have employed design-thinking methods to create three options to make the most of the experiences offered at Illinois, and will have developed skills necessary for adjusting options along the way.

LAS 199: Design Your Life + Career: This course guides Juniors and Seniors through design-thinking methods to come up with solutions to the “wicked problem” of preparing for next steps after Illinois. Topics include understanding the world of work, establishing professional connections, exploring career options, and creating post-graduation scenarios. Course will include class discussions, in and out of class activities, self-reflections, and individual life coaching.



Investigating and applying for graduate school is a time consuming process, so start early. Some of the major steps that need to be taken include:

  • Deciding on a course of study
  • Selecting prospective graduate schools and obtaining application packets
  • Taking appropriate exams
  • Getting letters of recommendation, writing a statement of purpose
  • Assembling all other materials for application.

There are many resources to help you do these things. The following are some web sites that may help. Career Services also has a lot of information. Finally, stop by the advising office for more direction.

Information and Ranking on Graduate Schools

Deciding and Applying

Admissions Essays


The LAS College office (1st floor Computing Applications Building) has a Pre-Law Advising Service. You can also get a pre-law designation through the LAS College Office, you will be put on a mailing list for pre-law information.