Certificate in Social Science Research Methods

The certificate in Social Science Research Methods is designed to create a preparatory track for undergraduate students aspiring to graduate school or a research career and enhances preparation for social science research.


  1. SOC 100 -- Introduction to Sociology
  2. SOC 280 – Introduction to Social Statistics, or approved introductory statistics course
  3. SOC 380 – Social Science Research Methods
  4. Select two courses from the following:
  • SOC 480 – Field Methods
  • SOC 481 – Survey Methods
  • SOC 485 – Intermediate Statistics
  • SOC 488 – Demographic Methods

Per Advisor approval, students may substitute SOC 390/490 – Individual Study/Advanced Individual Study for one of the advanced methods courses in the Certificate so long as the substitute has a significant applied research component.

Total: 13 hours minimum

Upon completing all requirements, students will make an appointment with Sociology Advising to complete the paperwork to receive their official certificate.

Note: Certificates do not appear on a student’s diploma or official transcripts.