Undergraduate Program

Discover Sociology at Illinois

Interested in analyzing mob dynamics, tracking patterns in corporate downsizing, exploring how people express emotions, or understanding cultural differences?  You should study Sociology at Illinois.

Sociology students at Illinois take classes like: Social Problems, Race and Ethnicity, Criminology, Sexuality and Society, Social Movements, Sociology of Gender, and more. Many Sociology courses fulfill your General Education requirements and several are offered online.

Our Program

We offer a Sociology Major (44 hours - 32 in SOC, 12 supporting coursework), Sociology Minor (18 hours), and a Minor in Criminology, Law, and Society (18 hours).  We also offer two certificates: Criminology, Law and Society Certificate (12 hours) and Social Science Research Methods (13 hours).

Sociology is the scientific study of social life.  Sociology offers a distinctive set of conceptual tools for understanding the complexity of social life, solving problems, and resolving puzzles.

If you are thinking about a career in criminology, law, or justice – the Criminology, Law, and Society Minor is for you.  You’ll take a range of classes covering both theoretical and practical information.  And, you’ll learn all about current sociological, legal, and justice issues.

Many Sociology majors pair their studies in our department with second major.  Popular second majors include psychology, political science, history, and molecular and cellular biology or integrative biology.

Sociology faculty specialize in areas such as:

  • equitable access to legal systems,
  • sexualities,
  • genomic expression of women’s experience with violence, and
  • global gender inequality. 

Our classes are small to medium size and students learn directly from faculty who are experts in their fields.